Friday, June 3, 2016

Guest Instructor at the Art Shack!

Exciting news! 
The weeks of June 27th & July 28th there will be a guest instructor at the Art Shack!
Angelica Henry is studying art at UNCG and is passionate about art.
Students will leave with an increased confidence in their art skills and gain new art techniques.

Limited spaces! Register now! 
 These weeks are best suited for middle and high school kids.  
(Elementary kiddos the week of July 25th is for you!)
If you have questions e-mail or 
call Elizabeth at 336-399-0707

Friday, April 1, 2016

2016 Summer ART SHACK Registration Form

A funky little shack offering art lessons for all ages!
Student’s Name: _________________________________________________
Phone: ________________________ Age: ______ Grade in Fall ‘16:_______
Parent/Guardian’s Name: __________________________________________
Mailing Address: _________________________________________________
E-mail Address (parent):___________________________________________
(student) ______________________________

Each day at the ART SHACK is a new adventure! With friends, a lot of materials, and your amazing imagination….great art will be created and new techniques will be learned! The Art Shack believes that EVERYONE is capable of creating art! Art is about self-expression and enjoying the creative process. We will learn new techniques as well as create some “finished” art pieces! If you are really interested in creating something specific, or using a specific material please let us know! Come for the whole week, or pick a few days! Classes are best for rising 1st grade through high school age and are customized per student! 

Week long students will need to bring a sketchbook!
We will learn some drawing techniques to help you LOVE using your sketchbook, recording adventures visually, and experimenting!
Week long students will paint something specific to their interest on a canvas!
Week long students will enjoy creating art outside, on various materials and with new friends!

CAMP is from 9-12:00 Monday through Friday on these dates: 
(Please circle which week you are attending)

(The week of June 27th & July 18th wil primarily be taught by Angelica Henry.  This is best suited for middle & high school students.  You will gain confidence in your drawing skills & enjoy exploring new art techniques!) Monday, June 27 thru Friday, July 1      Days attending:   M  T   W   Th   F
Monday, July 18 thru Friday, July 22     Days attending:   M  T   W   Th   F

(The week of July 25 is best suited for Elementary age students!) Monday, July 25 thru Friday, July 29     Days attending:   M  T   W   Th   F
(during the same week) 2 days: $70; 3 days: $100; 5 days: $140 ($125 for returning week long students)
Total enclosed: ___________
**You can pay via Pay Pal to  Please send registration forms via e-mail & you can sign on the first day of camp.  Checks can be made payable to Elizabeth Miller and mailed to:   the Art Shack 165 Hampton Road, Winston-Salem, NC 27103 

** No refunds are given if there is not a minimum one week notice. All spots are filled, and you are committing to your spot! Classes are subject to being cancelled if there is not a minimum of 6 kids enrolled.

Consent: I authorize Elizabeth Miller to seek appropriate medical attention for my child, including the right to authorize medical treatment in my absence. I understand that I am financially responsible for all medical treatment. My child’s photo may be taken and used in “Art Shack” publicity unless I request otherwise in writing. Parent’s signature: __________________________
Medication currently taking: _________________________________________
Medical conditions/allergies:_________________________________________

** DRESS FOR A MESS  If you have a sketchbook, please bring it. We will practice art techniques as well as complete finished art pieces over the course of the week!

Questions? Please call Elizabeth at 399-0707 or e-mail

Thursday, March 17, 2016


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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Paint Night!

Clemmons Presbyterian Encore Art Shack night! 

I love when all of the paintings turn out different! These had neat details and custom colors.

And, my mom came!!! Who knew she could paint?? Not me, even though every ounce of creativity I owe to her :) 

Sweet friends & a fun night!

Art prayers

Life is: busy, full, chaotic.
I am: impatient, scatterbrained.
I seek: to know Jesus better. 
I pray.

I create in it all. 

I want you to fall in love with Jesus. I am imperfect beyond belief and He loves and pursues me in spite of this.  

I stop. And I create.
And I reflect, journal, doodle, and record life.

The song "come and see" by Mat Redman on repeat. Three colors on repeat. Thank you's being lifted on repeat.

Come and See.....

I would love for you to create with me.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Day 3 @ the Art Shack!

Day 3!

Sweet girls working hard. Singing and chatting. And focused on small details!

William works fast! This boy can capture some details quick and well. I hope to see how he develops over time. He is only 8. This boy has a sweet gentle spirit.

Max, a spunky kindergartener! At first this boy said he wasn't a fan of paint or colored pencils, but he ended up having fun trying new things. I loved watching his boats evolve in a few short days. He captured some fun summertime memories.  

Amy has a great imagination and pays attention to small details! Look how awesome this little character is! Definitely would be awesome on products! Amy works hard and has focus that I admire.

Hannah! I love watching this girl grow. Not just in her artistic skills and patience but in her confidence! What a beautiful girl who will patiently work on anything that had to do with dogs :)

Isabela ~ Bela ~  had a great time exploring different materials and new images. Bela is thoughtful and nothing is done without care. I love the conversations about the meaning behind their art from the crosses to the color choices. 

Evan! Oh this boy makes me excited about my son Pax making art with me. He makes art fun and very boy! Evan is not scared to create and make a mark yet listens to suggestions well. A great imagination and super polite!

Reece, Emily, Savannah & Chatlotte more to come on you gals :)

And Alana, these kiddos are watching you! You are an inspiration and good company :)

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Summer Camp 2014!

Patterns! Lions! Volcanos! Boats! Anchors! Flowers!

All in a day :)